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Frequently Asked Questions

Question - How do I verify my account?

Question - How do I add a member of my family to my account?

Question - What is my PIN?

Question - Where can I see my scheduled appointments?

Question - Why would I add a family member to my account?


Answer - How Do I Verify My Account
*Before you proceed please make sure you have received your "PIN Number" from ONE*

1.) From the home page, click on the "Verify Identity" icon:

2.) Select the first option: "I have a PIN number and I would like to verify my identity"
If you do not select this option you will not be able to proceed. Please make sure you have your "PIN Number"

2.) Fill in your Personal Identification Information and then click "Verify":
*This form is case sensitive and requires that you enter your Birth Date and SS# in correct format:

  • Birth Date: MM/DD/YYYY        
  • Your "PIN Number" is case sensitive, please be aware*


Answer - How Do I add a member of my family to my account?

*Please note that if a Parent or Guardian (that is not a registered Patient) is trying to add a child, the parent or guardian must first REGISTER an account for themselves. They DO NOT need to Verify but they do need to Register. Please refer to Answer 1 above.

*Please be aware that in order to add a member to your family, you must have a unique "PIN Number" for each member of the family that you want to add. Also note that you need to have each family member's social security number as well*

1.) Log in to your account:

2.) On the HOME page, click on "Verify a Child/Family Member's" icon:

3.) Click on the "My Family" tab:

4.) Click on the "Add Family Member" link:

5.) Choose your family member's "Relationship to you":

6.) Fill in ALL of the information for the member of your family and click "Verify":

Answer - What is my PIN?

Your Patient Identification Number (PIN) is a unique set of characters that Ortho NorthEast(ONE) will give you to access your patient information online. If you do not currently have a PIN, but want to use our patient services website, please stop by one of ONE’s local offices or call at 1-260-484-8551 ext. 2630.

Your PIN is active for 30 days after it is issued. Your PIN can be used to link your account to any other registered account within those 30 days. Do not give your PIN to anyone you do not want to have access to your account information. It is your responsibility, and not the responsibility of Ortho NorthEast, to decide whether or not to share your PIN with others. If your account is linked to another person’s account and you do not wish for this link to be active, please call 260-408-2469, or 260-408-2647, to request that the link be broken.

Answer - Where can I see my scheduled appointments?

In the future we hope to be able to display your scheduled appointments on this website, but for the time being please call the Fort Wayne office at 1-260-484-8551 ext 2630.


Answer - Why would I add a family member to my account?:

Adding a family member to your account will allow you to view and update information for anyone linked to your account. You can also request appointments and medication refills for those linked to your account. Minors (anyone under the age of 18) MUST be linked to a parent/guardian account.

Once a Minor turns 18, the link to the parent account will be broken and the 18 year old will need to get a new PIN number from ONE to be able to access their own account.